Blog: Zuzka Light vs. (New) Bodyrock.Tv

The information I post is what I inferred from what I read and searched on Google. This is an opinionated post between two fitness trainers I am currently following. With that said…

I’ve been “bodyrocking” for almost ten months now (six with Z and now currently with Lisa-Marie) and I absolutely love it. It is by far the best free fitness site I have run into next to Sixpackshortcuts but I am still looking for other fitness trainers as well (I have plenty of time currently so the majority of it is spent on youtube looking for new and free fitness gurus). Bodyrock.Tv is a high intensity interval training fitness program aka HIIT that you can do in your home. What that means is in a set amount of time you will execute a maximum number of repetitions during a number of sections for so many sets. If that doesn’t make sense, I’ll give an example. You have twelve minutes to do four exercises. Each exercise will be repeated three times in any order you feel comfortable doing them in for fifty seconds execution and ten second break; capisci? Its dynamic like pylometrics. You don’t just sit and pump out repetitions; you are combining cardiovascular, muscle endurance, and muscle strength in twelve minutes. It’s crazy fun and you still lose weight “all in the comfort of your home”. Whaaaat? HELL YEAH! I’ll take that over two hours in the gym or ridiculously long runs almost any day (I need my long runs sometimes). Its not only an exercise site but a massive support system from a plethora of people all around the world. People are bodyrocking in every continent except Antarctica but you never know, polar bears and penguins might be pushing out a couple burpees.

The co-founders of Bodyrock.Tv was a married couple. The trainer is a bombshell of a woman name Zuzka Light. If I were to change my sexuality, she would be my ideal partner. She’s curvy in all the right areas, soft voice, beautiful face, warm personality, and killer lower body. You can crack an egg on her body and she’ll get it fried. HOT HOT HOT! Zuzka is, I believe, a licensed personal trainer. However, she’s had a dark past and, admiringly, pretty open about it (she’s had a couple interviews discussing it). It’s a past that doesn’t come with a pleasant stigma. Anyhow, her husband (Freddie Light) was her whole production crew. I give major props to this guy cause constructing one video and have it posted the same day takes a lot of work. These two started doing their thing back in 2009 when they were living in Europe (Canada, maybe) and almost everyday Zuzka would prepare a grueling but fun work out. She would say a short motivating speech and go on with the exercise. You get to see her sweat, struggle, groan and sometimes collaspe from exhaustion. This may sound a bit sadistic but its rejuvinating to see someone with that caliber of a body struggling through an exercise like plain Jane and average Joe. Zuzka and Freddie did a number of other things including exercising. These two would share recipes, pep talks, fashion hauls, traveling adventures; in summation, they opened up their marriage life for the world to see, literally. Unfortunately, something negative happened between them and a divorce (reason unknown) was in progress which impacted the Bodyrock community immensely. From the comments I have read, many were heartbroken, surprised, and felt as though the co-founders were breaking up with the bodyrockers. I admit I was a bit taken back by it. Zuzka is (was) the face of the organization. You associated Bodyrock.Tv with Zuzka, period.

Since Zuzka has left, Freddie (maybe Zuzka as well) was looking for a new representative face. Freddie incorporated his brother, Sean Light, and, after a couple girls, Lisa-Marie who has been consistent. Lisa-Marie is the opposite of Zuzka. Lisa-Marie is very lean and defined, very energetic and loud. Since Lisa-Marie has taken over, she and Sean have introduced new ideas to the program such as “challenge of the month/week”, weekly fitness tests, level videos for beginner, intermediate, and advanced rockers; isolated work-outs (I’ll explain that later) and diet/work-out schedules. The diet and work-out schedules are nifty because for those who have a hard time sticking to a diet or curious about the work-out for the day then they have guidance and an idea of how difficult the exercise is going to be. Sean’s isolated work-outs are really clever because some people are more about concentrating on certain muscle groups (triceps/chest; legs; back; abs). You know, how gym regulars are regimented in targeting certain muscle groups that day. So for those who like knowing what muscles they are working on, it’s a great alternative to the work-outs Lisa-Marie pumps out. The other two (level videos and fitness test) are straight-forward. I like the idea of a fitness test every Friday because you can see how much you have progressed, regressed or maintained from all the hard work you put into that week.

However, there are a few things I’m not too fond of. I don’t think it’s necessary to have weekly or monthly challenges. If you follow the current or even older exercises everyday, it is regardless a challenge! You are pushing out a set number of reps for a personal best time or pushing yourself until complete exhaustion in a set number of minutes. Although it’s thoughtful for Lisa-Marie to post three variations of the exercise (which is probably exhausting on her body), what’s wrong with showing a couple repetitions of an advanced or easier modification? Lisa-Marie has huge shoes to fill but it won’t be done 100% because she’s completely different from Zuzka and it shows not only with her personality but also her style of forming exercises. Zuzka always mixed up her exercises with interesting body weight exercises where she incorporates dive bombers, cart wheels, body rolls, and what not. If you go through the Bodyrock archives, you’ll see what I mean. It’s never boring because the exercises are not repeated MUCH in a week but there’s a whole list of exercises you can choose from. With Lisa-Marie’s, I got bored (Yes, bored and I was not the only one) doing the exercises because she doesn’t really create new exercises and always used equipment. I’m not against using exercise equipment but my primary appeal with Bodyrock was the minimal use of equipment which is no longer the focus, I guess you can say. Lisa-Marie does try and provide body weight variations but I still have to look up my own. I did like when Lisa-Marie used boxing and toe taps on one of her work-outs. I think it’ll be really cool to see more work-outs inspired by sports such as soccer, swimming, boxing or whatever.

Now it is understood one needs to dress for the occupation he is currently in (i.e. soldier, doctor, nurse, police officer), I’m all for the uniform! However, I’m put off by Lisa-Marie’s wardrobe choices. Obviously, you get sweaty and sticky from working out and if you’re doing it in your home, you can wear whatever you want. Hell you can work out nude even but the outfit choices Lisa-Marie makes is not visually appealing for me: sports bra and underwear. I don’t mind that but the camera is all up and in her crotch area. I’m distracted from the exercise and scared I’ll see stray pubic hair or a tampon string. YIKES! I have watched a few of Zuzka’s old videos and I have not seen her working out in a sports bra and underwear. She was clothed yet revealing but nothing down to her skivvies! Even with other fitness trainers that I’ve noticed, most have pants on. Leave some room for imagination~ right?

Now, LM is thinking about breast augmentation. Being small breasted, its nice to see a fitness guru sporting a smaller chest. Bleh, if she thinks she needs it, then to each their own. She doesn’t need it, personally.

The camera work Freddie does is really nice. He adds a lot of interesting, personal angles where you can see the sweat glide down the body. Grawr~ sounds something you will see from an adult film 😉 but also pans out so you can see what the forms look like. He does it with Sean as well not just Lisa Marie. Its very sexy. I’m all about sex and sexy things but sometimes I can get uncomfortable watching that. I feel borderline perverted. Now, what I really enjoy with Zuzka’s new channel is it’s legit professional. The camera man doesn’t zoom in the trainers personal space but enough so you can see the muscles working. It’s not sexualized at all; it’s an exercise video. Others that I like about Z’s new channel is she mentions the work-out then a thirty second clip of what the exercises form look like so you don’t waste time rewinding back to middle of the videos; very clever. Since she’s been back into her fitness groove, she’s gained some weight from her two month break. I absolutely love that because the audience can watch her transform her body and see how it affects her like a slightly doughy person like myself. It’s refreshing! You’re not watching an already fit trainer but a trainer who gained weight and is getting back into shape and the audience can follow her journey while creating their own. Absolutely awesome. Not only that, you can follow her repetition by repetition in her videos.

I know there are more negatives to the new Bodyrock because of my own personal reasons. I’m probably not going to follow the new site as often as I do with Z’s. I regularly look up old work-outs for the exercise break down cause the older videos do not mention it. I found this youtube channel that uploads all of the old work outs so you don’t have to scrounge through the new videos which I will post. It’s not part of Zuzka or Bodyrock.Tv but I’ll memtion it under Zuzuana with an asterick beside it.

Hope that was at least entertaining. It’s a topic I really wanted to express my opinion about for quite a while. I apologize for my bad writing. Its not a strength of mine.


Zuzana Light *


7 thoughts on “Blog: Zuzka Light vs. (New) Bodyrock.Tv

  1. Hi.I thought you’d like to know that ZuzanasRockinBody is a rogue channel. Zuzka’s ONLY YT channel is /ZuzkaLight.



  2. I agree with you totally. I gave up on BR completely after LM started talking about augmentation. She does not need it. With Z I always felt I was working towards something but since LM arrived (who I LOVED initially) BR has become one long ad for Lululemon and other unethical sporting companies and rather than feeling good about myself I was starting to feel inadequate. I am totally supporting Z’ new channel. The other thing that broke my heart was when I expressed my concerns to Freddie. I gave him feedback on his business and why I wouldn’t be participating any more and he attacked me personally. that’s no way to treat a customer ( and yes, I was a customer, I “bought him coffee” to support the site and I am sure my hits on the site contributed to his advertising revenues)

    • im honestly not surprised freddie would personally attack a customer. i was debating whether or not to make a personal page on the website and im happy i didnt. what did he say to you if you don’t mind me asking? if he doesnt like people commenting about things, i think he should either take out the comment section or actually weite in his blog not to talk about certain topics.

  3. I am not a fan of the new Bodyrock. I feel a bit jilted as well. When they tried out News as a host and bodyrockers weren’t clicking with her, she didn’t last long (though personally I liked her). Many customers have complaints about Lisa Marie and instead of considering changes Freddy attacks them and puts them on blast on facebook — because Lisa is his girlfriend.

    Arizona’s latest videos promise a website is coming and I can’t wait! I’m not saying this to be spiteful, but I really do believe is in for some serious financial trouble/competition when her new sits launches. Maybe they’ll consider those changes finally.

  4. ZUZKA Is coming out with a new WEBSITE… check out her video @ the end of June 21st, 2012… W00t W00t! CAN’T wait!!

  5. Good day,

    nice post and good comparison of two great fitness online coaches.

    I personnaly have pretty much given up on BR because I do prefer the personnality of Zuzana and since I followed since 2010 I have witnessed her wonderful evolution.
    And now she’s more back to the basics, less tools, which I think is good.
    Although I being a man, I totally agree with you about the choice wardrobe of LisaMari.
    What I liked about the former BR couple is that they managed quite well to keep the game on the thin line between sensuality and vulgarity, with humour (the names of the work out were realyy good). I think the new BR lost it.

    Concerning the subject of breast implants, even if I am totally against this kind of body enhancement (and yes, I am a man) it is a personal choice and as you very well said, to each is own.
    But I must point out that the wonderful curves of Zuzana are not natural in that particular area.
    She didn’t made any secret about it.
    Whith such a low percentage of bodyfat no woman could have such an ample bossom of natural composure.


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